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Monday, September 26, 2011

Imaginations.....The Online Store

Hey Friends..

My first ever Blogger friend ADITYA GUPTA of THE CRAFT ZONE... opened an Online Stored named IMAGINATIONS....Lovely name no..??

I just loved this name because my most of the time of the day goes in my imaginary world....

Well...Launching of the store is being celebrated with a big CANDY by Aditya...

Lets see whats included in Candy...

The candy is open till 14th nov 2011 Midnight.

Moreover.....the good news is that
And one good news for the month of Oct 2011, Anyone ordering from Imaginationsonline.com will get Free Shipping throughout Oct 2011. Ignore the shipping estimates during checkout and just mail me with the order details. You won't be needing to pay any shipping charges for all orders throughout Oct 2011 whether your order is small or very large, shipping will be free for you.

Isnt it Amazing...???
well....i have ordered my Stuff...!!!!
waiting for my goodies Desperately...

Do visit his Store and Blog for more Candies and Sales and coupons....
Thanks for visiting..!!!
Do post comments..!!!

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vaishali sabnani said...

hey Neha thnx ...will check out