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Thursday, September 19, 2013

So..I am back....With a super cute quilled card

A very warm hello to all my readers.

Ya..ya..i know...i didn't posted anything from appx. last 4 months..
But i have a reason for that :)
I was in hyderabad for office work. So couldnt get the chance to post anything, make anything nor i was active in the carft world.
I was so busy that i was not even able to have updates of the blogs i follow.

But now i am back...:)
will try to post frequently now. Also, i need to start crafting.
Can you believe i didnt craft from 4 mnths. Long time isnt it.
seems like years passed away :)
But....now....i will make a come back :)

So...here is an eye candy for all my readers :)
A super cute quilled card.


Thanks for Visiting..!!!
Do Post Comments..!!!


Reusing with Quilling said...

Welcome back Neha ! I loved the color combination red n teal look very beautiful !

Jani Lewis said...

Welcome back! :) Beautiful card.

Shalu said...

Welcome Back Neha.....!!!
Loved the quilling n this is really a treat to eyes...soo beautiful..>!!!