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Thursday, April 14, 2011

List of Fours

I v'e been tagged by Angelin to play along 
                                            List of fours.                                        
 4 Shows you watch  
  • Art attack
  •  Man vs wild
  •  Most amazing moments on Nat geo
  • India's got talent
4  Things you are passionate about
  • Crafting
  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Internet Surfing
4 Words/ phrases you say a lot
  • Dear
  • ufff
  • Hello
  • Aur bata
4 Things you've learned about the past
  • life goes on
  • keep smiling
  • dont tell your problems to anyone
  • make everyone happy

 4 Places you would like to go
  • Disney land
  • Goa
  • Uttarakhand
  • Shilong
 4 Things You did Yesterday
  • Blogging
  • surfing
  • read tutorials
  • work at office

 4 Things you are looking forward to
  • bring lots of craft items
  • learn scrapbooking
  • learn quilling
  • learn other crafting techniques

4 Things you love about Spring

  • colors
  • flowers
  • weather
  • fragrance
Tag four people to play along    
                 Spardha : http://papercraft-addict.blogspot.com/
                 Mallika: http://missnotsogoodwithwords.blogspot.com/
                 Archana: http://blossomsofcreativity.blogspot.com/
                 Juhi: http: //www.juhishandmadecards.com/


Mallika said...

hey neha !
thankyou so much fer the tag
i will play along very soon

Shobana said...

Tks so much for stopping by Neha! :)
The tutorial is at Splitcoaststampers.com and you have the option to register with them and you have hundreds of tutorials to learn from! Enjoy! :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Neha, Thank you for visiting my blog for the blog ho last weekend! I'm a new follower now and excited to see you next project:)

angelin said...

There is an award for you